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Daniel and Elaine met for the first time in 2008 at a financial advisor client event in Houston, TX. Daniel was in attendance as a financial sponsor and Elaine, who was still working for Social Security in her final role as the Public Affairs Specialist, was the keynote speaker for the dinner event. That evening was the
beginning of a close friendship, meaningful partnership, and intense mentorship that has continued for the past 14+ years.


Elaine’s deep understanding of the Social Security program, the regulations, and the foundational intent of the rules/nuances of the law is truly unmatched in her field.


Daniel brings a deep understanding of the investment markets and the financial planning strategies that lead individuals to successful retirement outcomes.


As joint Partners at Social Security Informed, Elaine and Daniel share a genuine passion to empower individuals to take ownership of their SS benefit decision and ultimately assist them on their personal journey to making an Informed Decision!

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