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Elaine Simmons


Elaine spent 34+ years working for the Social Security Administration. She was consistently promoted within the agency during this time, ultimately working in 11 different offices throughout many of the southeastern states of the country.


Following her retirement from government service in March of 2010, Elaine started her own independent consulting firm, Social Security by Elaine. Due to her deep understanding of SSA laws and regulations combined with a genuine passion to help individuals make an informed decision regarding this significant asset in retirement, Elaine has earned an elite national reputation as one of the top specialists on her field.


After 11 years of professional success and challenges to keep up with demand for her expertise, Elaine selected a business partner to join her firm and together they launched
Social Security Informed in June of 2021.


Daniel Hurley


Daniel spent the last 20 years of his career working in the financial services / asset management industry.


His first job was on the service desk for Evergreen Investments in Boston, MA.

After earning a promotion off the service desk and into the sales division, his passion for the investment markets combined with a unique ability to personally connect & build business relationships were quickly recognized and rewarded.


In 2007, Daniel accepted an external sales role and relocated his family to Houston, TX. Following the financial crisis of 2008, Evergreen was sold to Wells Fargo where Daniel retained his position at the new company and continued to excel in his role.  In June 2021, he submitted his resignation and joined his dear friend and longtime mentor as a full partner at Social Security Informed.


Sheridan Pieragostini

Executive Assistant

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