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“The loose definition of an investment is any time you put money off to the side and at a future date/time you choose when and how to draw down on that money.”

-Elaine Simmons

For the average couple in retirement, Social Security benefits represent a NET ASSET VALUE OF $1 to $2 MILLION DOLLARS.

This statement attempts to quantify the lump sum dollar amount required at a 4% rate of withdrawal to generate the monthly income Social Security successfully provides to beneficiaries in retirement.

Your Social Security Benefit may represent THE BEST OPEN-ENDED ANNUITY in retirement which continues to go and grow with inflationary adjustments for the rest of the life of the surviving spouse.

IT TAKES APPROXIMATELY 6 TO 8 YEARS for the average beneficiary to get back more than what BOTH they and their employer paid in Social Security taxes over their lifetime.  10 to 12 years for maximum earners.

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